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Our experience

Overall, small businesses make the Akron community one of a kind. We know because we’ve been telling their stories since 2004. But our roots here run even deeper: We’re one of those small businesses, and our family of talented videographers and editors are also proud to call Akron home. We generally want everyone to know a little bit about us and what we do.

Our services

We know that typically the key to small business is staying nimble. This is how we overall scale our production capabilities to handle projects of virtually any scope.

Our local studio can handle everything overall, from headshot photography to day-long shoots of product demos, video series, and webinars. We also have craft services catered on site to keep up the momentum. It’s the smartest way to stretch your production budget and even minimize travel costs as well as slashing set—up time.

Our team

Our producers are typically the kind of people you had in mind when you first realized you need to hire a professional. They do it all, from documentary-style brand videos, to training programs as well as commercials.

They are also independent filmmakers and broadcasters. Most importantly, they are nerds who are genuinely excited to answer your questions and also talk through your project.

Our process

Communication, in general, is the thread that ties it all together. We start by listening and getting to know your business, as well as getting to know your customers. This way we can tailor a script to deliver the right message to the right audience.

It continues throughout the shoot, like where we capture every shot in the script. Also, B roll of your business in action.

Finally, we keep in touch through post production. It doesn’t have to be a black box — we’re here to answer your questions even during the editing process. We also provide support after we’ve delivered your project, including helping you distribute it across the proper channels online and on air.

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Our Services

Educational Seminars

We hold educational seminars and teach the use of social media in business. Mostly focused on techniques for creating video content.


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