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Memorial Day has passed and summer is here in full swing. Typically, this time of year is filled with important events like graduations, company retreats, and other gatherings in the sunshine. However, due to social distancing efforts, many of these hallmark summer events have been postponed or cancelled altogether. This is a major travesty considering the importance such events hold in our lives. All of this news seems dire, but Jumpstart Video Productions has the solution to save some of our favorite events from being lost to Coronavirus. This includes conducting a livestream graduation service.

Jumpstart Video Productions has been the local leader in live streaming video to thousands of viewers. Live streaming your event allows viewers across the world to safely enjoy the event in the comfort of their own home. We’ve been helping companies live stream corporate events for years, thus extending the reach of their message to those who cannot be in the room. 

Copley High School Graduation

Just this past weekend, Jumpstart Video Productions helped Copley High School livestream their graduation ceremony to its students, family, and friends. All the speakers were filmed prior in our Akron Buzz studio using high quality lighting and cameras as well as audio equipment. A slideshow highlighting each graduate was created and it was livestreamed . Better yet, we worked with Copley High School to create a live event where the video was projected. Graduates as well as their families were able to park and watch the stream in person. This ensures everyone can experience graduation in person whilst remaining at a safe distance.

For those who were unable to attend the event, the ceremony was streamed across various social media platforms. Sending the ceremony to a loved one across the country was as simple as copying and pasting the link. While this is certainly no replacement for a normal graduation, we were able to deliver the next closest thing . Overall, pleasing Copley graduates and their families in the process. Graduates were able to receive the recognition they deserved. Also, all those at home or in their cars watching were able to celebrate their accomplishments safely. 

Other Events

This same concept can also  be used to save your next event. Jumpstart Video Productions uses the latest streaming technologies to broadcast myriad corporate events. Consider you’re a business owner trying to explain a new plan to your employees, or recognize the companies accomplishments. Live streaming your message turns a mundane email into a real event your employees or customers can experience. Better yet, all live streams can be archived. The way, anyone can watch your speech or product demonstration anytime, anywhere. Additionally, we can add your slideshow, videos, and all forms of media into the live stream as well, creating a live experience that is not capable using smartphone apps. 

Jumpstart Video Productions of Akron was thrilled to work with Copley High School to recognize their accomplished seniors and provide a video experience for families as well as friends. We would be honored to help bring your next speech, corporate event, or performance to the masses via a video live stream. Don’t cancel your event, call Jumpstart! 

Contact us today at production@jumpstartakron.com or call 330.376.1676 to get your next event live streamed. 


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