Optimizing Your Video Ad for Social Media

Optimizing Your Video Ad for Social Media

Video Ad Optimization

So, you’ve paid a video production company or freelance videographer to create a commercial for your business. Now, you want to upload your new video to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. However, when you upload your video it doesn’t seem to be getting the attention you had hoped for. You can upload as many videos to your company’s social media as your heart desires, but if these videos don’t accomplish your goals of expanding your brand awareness and increasing sales, there is a major flaw.

A Fickle Audience

One of the biggest factors in creating a successful online video for your company is understanding the playing field that is social media. The first rule of the road is that social media users are fickle and seldom. This comes into play when considering dedicating long periods of time to watching videos. Clicking on a YouTube video and seeing an ad induces a response in our minds to skip that ad as soon as possible. Enticing viewers to not skip your ad is a tricky proposition, but with some outside of the box thinking it can be done. Video producers should consider using the constraints of a skippable ad to their advantage in a creative, playful manner. One of our favorite examples is this recent Geico commercial.

The genius of this ad is that it communicates its message and then hooks us to watch the rest of the ad. We want to see what that hungry dog is going to do when it approaches the dinner table. This ad works very well because Geico is a well known company to which everyone knows their purpose. The same strategy can be employed to market lesser known businesses as well. Keep in mind that an advertisement, like any video, is a story in it of itself. Like any great story, your ad has to hook the audience quickly to get them to stick around for the rest of the ad.

Keep it Short & Sweet

Additionally, viewers rarely watch a video longer than 30 seconds on social media. They often quickly scroll through to the next video. Thus, making your video an appropriate length will ensure your ad is watched in its entirety. Make your ad short and sweet, leaving your audience wanting more. For example, a restaurant could upload a video profiling the preparation of a new dish. At the end of the video they could leave a link enticing viewers to visit their website to see what else is on the menu. The mobile user visits the website and sees the restaurant offers delivery. All of a sudden, the restaurant has turned a hungry Instagram user into a real paying customer.

The Right Ratio

The most technical pitfall of using old video ads for social media is they are in the wrong viewing format for mobile devices. An ad made for TV is shot in a widescreen format, perfect for televisions and laptops, but not for your iPhone. If you upload a widescreen ad to Instagram, you must either crop in and possibly lose important parts of the video.  The specific dimensions used for HD widescreen ads is 16×9 (1920 x 1080). If you want to optimize your old ad or create a new one specifically for mobile, it would be advantageous to release the ad in a square format (1:1 or 1080×1080). Even a 9:16 (1080 x 1920) format to fill more of the mobile screen. Formatting your ad for mobile creates a more immersive experience and will entice more viewers to watch.

No Sound, No Problem

A recent study found that many mobile viewers watch videos without audio entirely. Specifically, 85% of videos on Facebook are viewed without sound. Think about how many times you’ve been scrolling through Facebook while in line at a store. Most times you were unable to turn on the sound, which would be annoying to those around you. This means any information about your business communicated via audio has a chance of not being heard. Now, this made your latest Instagram video ad dull and ineffective. One solution many companies have been adopting is captioning their video. This was the message can be effectively communicated without needing the mobile viewer to listen.

How Can We Help?

Jumpstart Video is a leading expert in digital video marketing. We understand the algorithms and techniques that can be manipulated to ensure your ad is seen by your target audience. With that, you can turn them into paying customers. Whether you want to reformat an old advertisement or create a fresh ad built from the ground up for mobile device viewing, we have the expertise to broaden your digital footprint. If you’re feeling hesitant about an investment in video advertising for your business, just look at the statistics. A recent study found that businesses who used branded video content on social media saw a 157% increase in organic traffic to their websites compared to those who did not. Now is the time to grow your advertising strategy for social media and Jumpstart Video Productions is here to help.

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