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Bring Your Listings to Life

  • In a few hours, Jumpstart Video can produce a video segment featuring you and a property in our professional studio.
  • Our TV talk-show format lets you do what the MLS can’t: tell the story of potential buyers’ life in their new home.
  • Paint a picture: Bring your property photos to the taping in a digital format and we’ll enhance your interview with a slideshow you can narrate on the spot.

Build Your Brand

  • Introduce yourself to prospective buyers and future clients.
  • Turn inbound leads into relationships.
  • Distinguish your business with custom interview topics.

Increase Your Reach

  • Your video will be optimized for social media.
  • YouTube is optimized for search, so we make it easy to post there, too.
  • Boost your property’s visibility — and your own.


It used to be that video tours of real estate listings were only created for high-end properties or luxury homes. Today, most home buyers readily expect to see a video as they shop online for homes in every price range. Brokers, agents and homeowners know that producing a video or a virtual tour is essential to successfully showcase a property in this digital era. Online home shopping isn’t a trend, it is simply the way buyers are doing their research and narrowing down their choices. With the influence of social media, real estate agents are having to turn to digital marketing more and more to try to be heard above all the noise.

Jumpstart Video Production is offering a simple and effective solution for real estate agents who are facing obstacles. Come in to one of our studios to showcase your property, give useful tips, and connect with your potential clients through video! Our host will guide you with questions as you go through your listings, and our relaxed studio environment is always set up and ready to record. Check out our first episode featuring Casey Rumora of eXp Realty. To be on the show, contact us via our contact form or call us at 330-376-1676.

Jumpstart is also offering a second option for real estate agents in need of video content that involves pictures of desired properties. Digital pictures can be sent to the Jumpstart Video Productions editing team to be turned into a professional video. The pictures must be taken with a DSLR camera or with a smartphone. This video will feature graphics that identify the features of the property and the contact information for the listing agent. The video can also be presented with a voice-over that adds tremendous production value and draws attention to the highlights of the home. Jumpstart Video is the go-to resource for real estate agents that have digital pictures of their listings, but may need an editor to turn those pictures into a polished video presentation. The process is quick and easy! Just email pictures from a smartphone or DSLR camera along with information about the listing to production@jumpstartvideo.com, and the editing team will get to work producing a home video tour worth sharing! Need phone support? The Jumpstart Video Production team welcomes your call at 330-376-1676. Commission Jumpstart Video to create a video home tour and put your listing in front of a world of buyers online, today!

Our third option is a thirty-second to two minute TV production packages. This may include a 1 hour on-location or off-location HDV shoot, scripting, standard voice-over, and a quick edit. One round of revisions is included, $75/hour for additional editing time. In the example, we had Linda Wilds in our studio for a quick green screen shoot. We added some motion graphics and did a few edits and now she has a video asset for her real estate business for her Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and website. This give her potential clients a quick insight on who she is and what she can do for anyone looking for a house.


Jumpstart offers training seminars for real estate agents looking to create their own content. Ranging from seminars on shooting photos with a DSLR or a smartphone, to finding a professional voice actor for your upcoming video, Jumpstart can help you every step of the way.