New Hire Orientation

Hiring someone new? Then you need to show them the ropes. A new hire orientation video is an effective way of introducing them to your company. Showing them what you’re all about in a detailed, fun way will make them feel welcome and ready for their new job. Here’s what you should keep in mind for your video.

A great on-boarding process will make all the difference for a new hire. On-boarding is giving the employee the tools and knowledge for a great start and to ultimately succeed at their new job. This of course includes training and more, but most importantly, the new hire orientation video. It should be short and informative, engaging, and inspirational.

Let’s be honest. The material a new employee needs to learn is probably not too exciting. This could result in boredom with nothing learned. If you keep them engaged, they will enjoy and retain more information. Be open to adding some humor and featuring fellow staff. New employees respond better to this and can build staff connections easier.

Keep Them Engaged!

You don’t want to bore your new employee to death on the first day! Longer videos will lose their attention. As a result they’ll retain less information and not have a great start. Keep the video shorter, as organized sections keep information concentrated, creating better results.

Don’t just go into all the nitty gritty tasks and responsibilities right away. Start at the top and work your way down from there. The new employee should first learn all about the company, it products, customers, and mission. Then get into the employee’s work and duties.

This video is also a wonderful tool for inspiring and building an emotional connection with the employee. Take advantage of that. You want your new hire to feel pride in what they’re doing, so show them how they are making an impact.

Is this all worth it? The answer is yes of course! Companies that don’t have this process will see their new employee struggle and make more mistakes in their first few weeks. Companies that do have this will integrate an employee smoothly, that can add value immediately.

Studies found that new employees who have been presented with an employee training video were 58% more likely to succeed and still be with the company in 3 years. The math speaks for itself!

Now you know what it takes for a new hire orientation video and the reasons why it makes such a difference! So there’s no reason to not have this for your new employees. With this, we hope you can easily set up your new employees for success.

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