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Looking for the local video production leader? Call Jumpstart Video Production Akron. First, we take in new client requests from a number of sources. These sources include our contact form on the website and incoming phone calls. Some potential clients reaching out through social media. We do an incredible job of responding to the initial contact from a new client. Then, we answer our phones from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The producer or media professional who answers is always someone who can answer video production questions.  At the initial point of contact our team can help start the process of exploring how a video project might go. By email and social media, we’re available at all hours to respond to new client requests and to answer questions. Finally, we are happy to provide information, ideas, cost estimates right away. We do all of this even if you are not ready to begin a video production project.


Call us even if you are just beginning to explore video production

One of the most important things that we can claim at Jumpstart Video Productions is that we are happy to answer questions, to write quotes and estimates, to allow somebody to come in and explore the idea of creating video content even if they’re not ready to begin a project. So we welcome all inquiries. We respond quickly and with information that gives our prospects the fastest education and the best possible answers in a quick timely manner.

Most important, there is no pressure when a prospect inquires about working with us to actually do a project. We pride ourselves in being able to answer questions, walk a client through what a project could be, explore the costs, and discuss the logistics and the process. All of us are more than happy to do all of that even if the project never comes to fruition. No one would never be upset with a prospect for coming to us simply to explore the possibility of creating video content. At Jumpstart Video we welcome all inquiries, and we treat everyone as if they are that next six-figure client with a multiple projects, even if they’re just going to create a small video, or no video at all. Media professionals always enjoy the discussion and the ability to help people understand what it is that we do.  Our team enjoys discussing what the benefits are whether they’re going to move forward with a video project or not.

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