Creative Staffing Solutions

Creative Staffing Solutions

Jumpstart Video Production Akron can help you manage your organization’s in-house video production capacity.  We provide staffing solutions with videographers and editors on a contract or temporary basis. They can for work on-site at advertising agencies, digital marketing and PR firms. Overall, this can be for corporate in house creative departments and other organizations that need video production staff.   

For two decades, Jumpstart Video has been recruiting and training the best video production talent in the area. We then work as a placement service to support agencies, companies, and organizations that need to scale up fast.  Overall, Jumpstart Video clients rely on our pool of talent to manage their capacity allowing them to deliver results for their clients.

Jumpstart Video Productions creative staffing solutions does the work of finding qualified video production talent and verifying that they are passionate about video production for business.  Jumpstart Video Productions employees are also background checked and ready for any work environment. In general, Jumpstart can provide you with top notch employees at affordable rates. You won’t be disappointed when it comes to our staff’s work!

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Staffing Solutions

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