What inspires clients?

What are driving forces that inspire clients to want to produce a video for their business? Having been in video production for the past 11 years, I know that there are several reasons why a client may want or need to have a video produced. A case can be made that the main reason a client would want to have a video produced, would be to increase sales for their business. Whether this video is used for broadcast or online advertising, the goal is to increase their in-store or online sales. Drive potential clients to their website and increase their online presence. Also, the video is used for informing the consumer of who they are, want they do, the products they may offer, and the convenience of choosing them over their competitors.

There are many circumstances that would require a client to need to have a video produced. The client may need to have a training video produced. A training video helps with relieving the current staff of having to do one on one training with every new employee. Most training videos have sustained shelve lives, as long as the procedures are up to date.

A client may need a video produced to address all of their employees. Whether it’s a one time message, weekly video blog, or quarterly live-streaming employee addresses. Live stream video is a whole other beast that we will discuss in the future.

Whether a client needs or wants a video, one of the most common stumbling blocks is how to get started. It may seem overwhelming at first, but when you work with a great creative team the overwhelmingness becomes less intimidating. One of or goals at Jumpstart Video is to help the client understand that this is an easy process and with a team like Jumpstart Video, it will be a fun process. And of course, our other main goal is to produce a great video for the client.

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