Why Your Business is Essential

Your Business is an Essential Business

Currently, many business owners are coming to terms with the idea their business has been deemed non-essential. Some may feel it is a shot at the spirit of entrepreneurship.  Others may feel a personal hit to their own self-worth.  Overall, everyone is certainly taking a direct financial hit.  Without question, this pandemic is a global crisis. This scary situation we are in requires everyone to act responsibly.  Business owners should recognize the importance of complying with the law, following the orders from government leaders, and protecting customers as well as employees.

Small Businesses Drive the Economy

The reality is that small businesses drive the economy.  Collectively, small businesses employ more Americans than any other sector. They are taxpaying, community building, mission-critical machines, that must be protected and allowed to grow. Many have already been hit by an endless barrage of threats to their existence. Usually from things like marketplace attacks from big-box stores, mass-retailers, and global e-commerce.  The government hasn’t helped either. Although recent changes in tax laws were just starting to have a positive effect on the small business community, it came too late.  Through decades of bad policy, big-government spending, regulations, increased profit, payroll taxes, and health-care mandates, it already was the most challenging environment for small businesses in a generation.  This was all before the pandemic too.

Every small business is essential.  The products and services local entrepreneurs provide, from hair salons, to restaurants, are essential.  Overall, any place that opens its doors to serve the community and employ its citizens is essential.  Small business owners discover the challenge in starting and running a business. This means working more hours for less pay than being employed by someone else.  Today, communities across America are just now starting to realize how important local businesses are.  Many are coming to understand that locally-owned service and retail business might have been taken for granted. Government leaders are about to get a loud and alarming wake-up call when they realize there is no way to fund public services or keep the government running. This is due to the lack of payroll taxes and consumption tax dollars collected and paid by small businesses.

What Can You Do Now?

Right now the responsible course of action for every business owner is to follow the orders from government leaders and experts in healthcare.  However, it is clear there is a day where small business owners reunite with those who have declared some businesses non-essential. One day those who have said that will see just how essential all businesses are. Both those deemed essential and non-essential. It will be clear any place created in the spirit to serve the community, provide employment, generate a return for the owner, and pay taxes is essential.  It must be recognized that any individual who has the passion and spirit to keep a business going through this, even when told they are non-essential, is a miracle worker and a silent hero.

Let’s hope that acknowledgment, like the end of this pandemic, comes sooner rather than later.


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